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Advantages and characteristics of bio-pellet heating furnace

zonle - 2018-12-18 - 0 comments

In solid fuel, biomass heating furnace and coal-fired heating furnace has two advantages: one is environmental protection, which is the original intention of the invention of biomass heating furnace, burning biomass fuel can reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, but also can eliminate all kinds of plant straw, reduce the flue gas produced by burning straw;Second, biomass fuel is easier to control in combustion than coal, because biomass fuel is easier to ignite, burning faster than coal.

In intermittent operation, when the coal heating furnace is shut down to maintain the fire, that is to say, to consume fuel, or to put out the fire, coal heating furnace ignition is very difficult.

But the biological pellet heating stove may extinguish at any time, ignites at any time, moreover may realize the automatic ignites.

This is the advantage of biological pellet heating furnace.

Biological pellet heating furnace features

Biological pellet heating furnace is characterized by the use of biomass fuel, biomass fuel is mainly a variety of crop straw, methane, wood chips, rice husks.

It can effectively use biomass as fuel, can reduce pollution, the effective use of surplus energy.

Biomass heating furnace operation is simple, if the biomass fuel into particles, because of its easy to ignite the characteristics, but also to achieve intermittent combustion, rapid heating and rapid cooling operation.

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